Jessica Valant Pilates

An online fitness membership offering you everything you need to be healthy, have fun and live inspired!

What if I told you that you could cancel your memberships to the gym and ditch those rarely used bootcamp, Pilates, yoga and barre class packages?

What if I told you that you could get stronger and burn more calories, while spending less time and money, through effective and fun home workouts?

What if I told you that you could feed yourself and your family healthy and easy meals that don't take a culinary degree or two hours in the kitchen?

Welcome to Jessica Valant Pilates and your new health and lifestyle experience!


Our daily workouts tell you exactly what to do each day to tone and lose weight!

You will have access to hundreds of Pilates, yoga, barre and HIIT workouts, all meant to be done from home on even the busiest of days.


Healthy food should taste good, be easy to prepare and still let you have fun!

No more boring or complicated meal plans! We give you simple and healthy recipes to help you feel great and stay energized. 

Inspiration & Motivation

We believe you have a lot to give the world. You can only do that when you feel your best!

You will have access to daily inspiration, motivation, time management tips and support to help keep you on track.

About Jessica Valant Pilates

Jessica Valant
owner, physical therapist, Pialtes & fitness instructor

I've been a physical therapist and Pilates instructor for over 15 years. In that time I've opened clinics, filmed videos, seen thousands of clients and fallen more in love with health and teaching.

Having personally been through weight gain and loss, an endometriosis diagnosis and finally the birth of our beautiful baby girl, I'm also no stranger to the challenge and importance of being healthy and staying healthy.

When I had our daughter, I found myself trying to balance work and my desire to stay home.

I found myself needing quick workouts that were challenging and that I could do in the small amount of free time I had every day. 

I found myself wanting easy and healthy recipes that let me get in and out of the kitchen fast and could make my entire family happy.

I found myself doing hours of research to find one online community where I could find all of these answers and connect with other women.

I couldn't find it, so I created it.

Jessica Valant Pilates is a supportive and encouraging place for busy women who want more out of life.

This is where women can find amazingly effective workouts they can do during between work appointments or during baby naptimes.

Where healthy recipes are easy to make and actually taste good.

Where movement can feel good and heal your body, even when injuries are involved.

Where we balance fitness with fun, and salad with champagne.

This is a place to help you shine,
my friend. 

Because the world needs more of you.

What What People Are Saying...

"Why did I not know about you all this time?? I love that you actually know your stuff, being a physical therapist yourself. I know that I can trust you with your instructions. Thank you so so so much!!!"


"I have to say that your videos for scoliosis are absolutely amazing. I have continued to do the exercises almost every day along with a healthy lifestyle and feel amazing! Thank you Jessica so much!"


"I am loving your blog and emails! Every time I get a new one in my inbox, I save it until I can read it in is almost an indulgence! I love that you are sharing your talents with us, all while keeping it real and sharing your troubles."


What You Get With Your Membership...

- Monthly workout calendar, telling you exactly what to do for your workouts every day
- Unlimited access to workouts and fitness videos, including special workouts for abs, weight loss, toning, injuries, low back pain, scoliosis, pregnancy, postpartum and fertility
- Content that is developed by a physical therapist and fitness expert, so you know that the instructions you are given are safe and effective
- Access to our entire library of healthy recipes and grocery lists, including a recipe of the month and specific eating plans for different needs
- Community and group forums for constant support and encouragement
- Regular live online workouts with Jessica
- Monthly themes for inspiration and motivation
- A way to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into a busy schedule
- A place that makes good health fun
- A "one stop shop" for everything you need to be healthy, happy and inspired!

It's time to enjoy your body and love yourself again!

Stop buying fitness packages and equipment you never use.

Stop feeling guilty for not following through or sticking with it in the past.

Stop letting fear, injuries, fatigue, schedules or self-doubt hold you back.

This is your time, and this is your place.